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A place where inspired artists create great music

In such a short time, Charterhouse is becoming recognized as the finest facility for your music creations.

Imagine a creative place where the convenience and hi-fidelity sound of HD recording, meets the nostalgia, inspiration, and remarkable sounds only the finest original instruments can create. Combine this with years of dedicated experience and affordable rates, built on a foundation of creative and professional individuals backed by one of Canada’s largest production companies, and you have Charterhouse Studios.

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Charterhouse Studios offers you a world-class recording and mixing facility that is half the price of our competitors.

Finally, a facility that is designed to handle even the biggest names in today’s music can be afforded on an indie budget!

Aaron Murray

Producer, engineer, mixer and professional audio consultant. He graduated with honours from OIART in 2004 and was immediately hired as assistant engineer by his mentor, Juno Awarding Engineer Dan Brodbeck. Currently based out of London Ontario, Aaron is the chief engineer at Charterhouse Studios. Aaron has been incredibly fortunate throughout his career notably working for 6 platinum artists by the age of thirty. In 2016 Aaron was nominated for and subsequently won the Jack Richardson Producer of The Year Award.

“A gutsy, free, creative work environment. I look forward to many more musical adventures at Charterhouse.”

Pappie J. Ozmand

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