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(1) 30×13 Main Floor
(1) 17×13 Iso Booth
(3) 6×6 Iso Booths


All Universal Audio UAD2 Plugins
Waves Mercury Bundle
Celemony Melodyne
Antares Autotune
Slate Digital VTM
Slate Digital VCC
Slate Digital Trigger Platinum
Slate Digital FGX
Steven Slate Drums 4 Platinum
Dozens of others by Softube, URS, Metric Halo, Sound Toys, PSP, UAD, Lexicon and others


(1) Peluso 2247LE (Telefunken U47 Clone)
(2) Rode Classic II (Similarities to the AKG C12)
(4) AKG C414B-XLS
(2) Peluso CEMC-6
(1) Royer 121
(2) Rode NT-2
(3) Sennheiser MD421-II
(3) AKG C451B
(1) Shure SM7-B
(11) Shure SM57
(1) Shure Beta52
(1) AKG D112
(1) Shure Beta91
(3) Shure Beta98
(1) Sennheiser MD409
(1) Sennheiser BF518
(2) AKG D310


Euphonix MC Control and 4x MC Mix for 36 moving faders
(2) Universal Audio Apollo 16 unit for 32 Ch I/O and 8 UAD2 SHAR Chips
Apple iMac 3.5GHz Quad-core i7 w/ 32GB of RAM Pro Tools HD 12

Mic Pres / Outboard:

(3) Vintech 473
(1) Focusrite ISA428
(1) API 3124
(1) Avalon 737vt Tube Channel Strip
(1) UA LA-610 Tube Channel Strip
(1) Great River ME-1NV
(1) John Hardy M1
(2) Universal Audio 1176LN
(1) Solid State Logic X-Logic 4000 series stereo compressor
(2) Emperical Labs EL8 Distressor
(1) Avalon U5
(1) Radial JD7


Event Opal Studio Monitors
Yamaha NS10M Studio Monitors
Tannoy System 215DMT Main Monitors
Hear Technologies Personal Monitoring system for performers
Benchmark DAC-1
Other various monitors available by special request, including Mackie, KRK, ADAM, Tannoy

“Our corporate clients were thrilled with an innovative solution we conceived and were only able to execute through Charterhouse Studios. We ended up exactly on time and on budget, exceeding our expectations.”

Anne Coughlan

Managing Director, Supporting Roles Interactive Training Inc.