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The building at 46 Charterhouse Crescent was designed & built by in 1984 by Ron Schroeyens with the help of parents August & Maria.


The space now occupied by the studio started off as a large woodshop. Housing a full paint booth and rolling table saws for building road cases & Takabury brand speakers from 1985 to 1990. These speakers and road cases toured around with bands all across the country, some of which ended up recording in the studio years later.


Built in late 1990 by Juno award winning producer Dan Brodbeck, Rick Brodbeck & two time Emmy award winner Trevor Morris. dB Studios operated between the years 1991 and 2000. During which time the studio created Juno nominated recordings for the Gandharvas & Garnet Rogers. It was also the creative home of Don Cherry’s Rockem Sockem videos, many folk artists & almost every alternative band in the 1990’s.


In the year 2000 Dan Brodbeck decided to move on so Ron Schroeyens renovated the space. While doing so in 2001 Ron’s son Kyle Schroeyens took an interest in the studio. Kyle worked installing all new equipment and recorded many sessions as Waterline Studios.


In 2009 with Kyle looking to take the studio to the next level he brought on Andre Doucette and with the help of Doucette the studio underwent a full rebrand to Charterhouse Studios. Andre was the primary engineer & producer in the studio from 2009 – 2012.
In 2012 Andre decided to travel west and Kyle brought in award winning producer Aaron Murray. In 2013 Kyle & Aaron decided once again that the studio control room needed a facelift, so in February 2013 a new console desk, patchbay & all new equipment was installed. From that point on, Aaron worked on many top level albums and projects including Helix, Bobnoxious, Them Dang Radlers and many more.
In 2015 Ron & Kyle moved their production offices to a new building and Ryan Schroeyens who was over seeing the Charterhouse building for the family at the time took over the position of overseeing the studio with Aaron Murray. In 2016 Aaron won producer of the year at the Jack Richardson awards. In September 2016 London Guitars opened in the facility, bringing with it access to an amazing selection of vintage gear & world touring guitar techs that have toured the world with the likes of Jeff Healey, The Barenaked Ladies, Lou Reed, Kittie & more.
In 2017 Charterhouse Studios announces the partnership between the Studio & London Guitars allowing artists recording at Charterhouse the ability to record using vintage products from London Guitars inventory on their recordings.